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Lagos and the African Market house clusters of businesses generating over 100,000 monthly revenue, yet run by non-tech savvy business owners. To bank the unbanked and place a powerful business tool in the hands of these business owners, you need more than ads.

Brass seeks to dominate the MSME market in Africa, starting with Lagos. They have successfully built and launched a suite of fantastic business tools from invoicing, cashflow, efficient current account, swift cards, payment management, business admin management etc.

However, placing this tool in the hands of serious businesses who aren't tech savvy needed a fusion of agent banking and an app powerful enough for agents to showcase Brass and onboard businesses on the spot.

The goal of the agent app is to reach less tech-savvy customers, reinforce user acquisition strategy, and empower agents to earn commission on each successful business onboarding.Product Ideation and Design of the Brass Sales Agent App was the task I executed. Within one month of launch, user acquisition increased by over 30% for Brass.

Project Under NDA. Permission Required.

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Kennedy Iyeh 2022